Ftp Alliance

Are people going to be banned/penalized for posting their FTP in the FTP forum without a licence from the FTP Alliance? Its reasonable and models against real life examples such as running a business without the proper licences.

I think you should also be very stiff about people sharing extra content such as DC Iso's, PC Warez, ect as well. Otherwise you could use an FTP as a front.
WoW why do i get the odd feeling that this weeding out the bad ppl is going to harm the general ftp forum cuz ppl that usually set an ftp up don't want to have to have it running for a few days with no leechers and no uploaders. what i would suggest is just have a rules.doc or .rtf(everyone can read an .rtf document) stating the rules and what conditions there are for getting into the higher archy of being an accepted ftp. and then just have a mod or two cruising the ftp's and such so that you can get warn the ppl about breaking the rules they get one or two chances then they are banned sorta thing.

just my typical two cents worth on this topic.
Mmm... it would be a very good idea to give the rules for DL & UL on FTP servers. Go away leechers...

What`s the meaning of "my two cents worth"?
I have some things chaging.....Its gonna change to the idea on the Ftp forum post. Its like ALL can post a ftp HOWEVER "Elite" ftp which are RECONIZED by "regulars" of SX after that is done and they fit the "standards" for ftpa then they are considered part of it...any Ftp NOT listed is a "risk" ftp...meaing if you waste your time on it its YOUR fault for stupidness.....anyways if you like let me know =)
it looks good to me just as long a ppl who are starting out. and look good aren't blasted for not being a trusted ftp.

I think trusted looks better too. i mean elite is over used.
It's too much of a pain in the ass to upload to most of the servers. Forget trying to upload stuff without having to babysit the goddamn connection. ####, even when you can, a lot of the servers are set up so badly you can't resume your files anyway. BOO I say.
Well "Trusted" and KNOWN servers will be part os ftpa. "Newbie" ftps will be a risk till I get solid feedback on them from YOU (the users) otherwise its a risk. As for your comment about "I hate uploading" YES Let me put MY .02 in.....I would RATHER make a huge ass DC network....since the host can say you MUST share to logon.......This makes EVERYONE a host....Then its all up to the users and host to see who a "lamer" is then they take it from there....but thats my thought.......Whats diff between a 24/7 ftp host or a 24/7 DC host...I dont see one......but anyways.....
there is one direct connect hub up but the admin seems pretty ban happy from what i have heard. since half of his thread is made up of i logged on and i got banned.
Well I have no registed DC netoworks yet...when someone send me info for it and it checks out. Ill list it. Rat's is listed in the ftp section now tho. Update the page and youll see a review of whats up =)
i used to use the dc hub alot, and just started trying again in the last couple of days but cant get on. is it down, did the address change, does anyone know?
Just rem, it takes a tad for me to upload the info. Im in germany. +6 hours from est times. I sometimes get online to see whats new but I dont work on things till later in day. Just Fyi =)
My hub has been up for a while and has been very sucessful packing in around 30 people a night. It's been down for the last week due to my ISP giving me problems...however it should be back up any day now....Mysticales, I'll be sending you the info for it as soon as I get the opportuinity....
Ok I got email =) Let me know WHEN your up and then info. I do post DC addies as its a EVERYONE host and not liable to leechers like ftp ;)
direct connect is awful actually, since you force people to share stuff, some see fit to share wither wrongly named files, uncompressed images, incomplete images, and have a habbit of disappearing offline halfway through the transfer

also that piece of software slows my pc internet wise for no apparant reason, combined with the slow actual rate you get from it anyway
doesnt help at all on anything besides the people that actually stay in the hub

banning someone who has no intention of coming back (the major problem with that) isnt going to achieve anything

and with the lack of speed on it, i doubt many leechers will just stay to let you download from them

its a good idea, but it just doesnt work too well, since you are forcing people who dont want to contribute to contribute, and they will try and find any way round it they can (sharing c:windows for example just to get to their quota)

ultimately its upto you, but i personally feel direct connect is as bad as the days of idrive all over again