fuck disney

So , who cares?? Just like Battle Star Gallactica got thier ideas from Lucas's Star Wars.... Only in this case, Disney did it...hahaha kinda funny...
I've been Kimba the White Lion in my youth. Gallatica is in a Star Wars imaginary, not a SW rip-off, but Kimba is really, really simmilar to a "remix" version of Tesuka's concept.

Other famous/notorious recent discussion is "Atlantis - Lost World" and Gainax's Julio Verne inspired-hit from the 80's "Fushigi no Umi no Nada/Nadia and the secret of blue water", that share many ellements together, but aren't as blantant as Kimba. Basicly, both share princesses, the Julio Verne inspired sub, the main character is a wizboy, and there is a pendant in the middle. I'm waiting to see the rest of Nadia to take my own conclusions.

"Treasure Planet" could, ou could not be, a blatant rip off from the Captain Harlock imaginary, but this is stretching the concept. Of course if I hear someone say "One should not care to acklowledge the errors of one's youth.", i'll freak out in the theatre.
Damn, this Lion King stuff is frightening. I thought this was one of the best Disney movies ever, certainly of all the *modern* ones (since, say, the late 1980s) ... but already I've taken to hate Disney, the company, for being more and more about business and less and less about Walt Disney's original vision, that of telling truly heartwarming and inspiring stories while being at the forefront of animation technology (I cite Dumbo and Snow White as examples easily withstanding the test of time; I'm still amazed at the lifelike animation of Snow White dancing with the seven dwarves in their little house, something you oddly don't see as much in today's (traditionally) animated movies).

And now the Lion King story... this reminds me of when I heard the story about a lil' kid who went with his Mom to see Lion King, then blurted out "Look Mom! It says SEX in the sky!" during a scene that had Simba looking up at the starry night sky when, indeed, for a brief moment the stars appear to form the letters S, E, X. I actually refused to believe that story but now I don't anymore.

Treasure Planet? I have NO desire to see the movie, I'm just now working up some resemblance of interest to maybe rent Atlantis someday. TP strikes me as an effects show and a superficial thrill ride... just the preview seems bloated with 3D animation and effects... and I keep noticing how all the character animations and dialogues nowadays go hack'n'slash, almost in a slapstick (or even Looney Tunes cartoon-ish) manner, instead of sticking with more lifelike and fluid motions the way Walt Disney pioneered them.

Now, Pixar, that's a place that knows how to animate...

I do feel sorry for Disney himself, if he knew what had become of his company, he'd be turning in his grave.
I'm still amazed at the lifelike animation of Snow White dancing with the seven dwarves in their little house, something you oddly don't see as much in today's (traditionally) animated movies).

Oh, i can awnser that one. Have you ever heard of the "rotorscoping" animation technique? It was used to film those Disney films, like Cinderella and Snow White:

(this is a extract from About Japanese animation by Hayao Miyazaki)

Rotoscope, which is a technique to draw poses and timing from live action film, was developed in the United States and the Soviet Union because the limits of animators' imagination and ability to draw was clear from early on. However, if you just transplant live-action into drawings, even the acting of a great actor can change into something peculiarly slimy and indistinct. (...)

Skillful staff members demanded the model actors to act in a more simple style that expresses itself through body silhouette. They thought that the acting style developed for theaters was better suited for cel animated movies than the style developed for movies. That is why the gestures of Disney characters look like a musical, and why (the characters in) Snow Queen act like (they are in) girls' ballet.
Taka: interesting info.

Curtis: Hell, no, Pixar has only WORKED WITH Disney in the past. Toy Story and all that came after it may have been released as Disney movies but were completely Pixar-made. They have their own style of animation and artistic design.
Whoever mentioned "Treasure Planet" is actually sorta right.. Its not a rip off of Treasure Island, its just based on it. Disney has actually stated that. Its sort of a futurized version of Treasure Island. Its got the Same pirate which for some retarded reason, i cant recall his name.. Im thinking Long John Silver, and hes a cyborg. I cant wait to see that one.
am I the only one that has heard "take off your clothes" whispered in the BG of the movie Alladin? Somewhere near the part where the genie is a bee.?
When was the last time you saw a movie that was completely and totally NEW? That wasn't based off something or inspired by something? How about a video game? Or a tv show?

It had no ties to anything that had been done before, there was no similarities between it and anything else, etc etc.

Get a grip.
I think the excerpt below pretty much summarizes the point being made. It's not so much that Disney copied parts of Kimba, but rather they've decided not to give credit where it's due at the very least.

Anyone still want to tell me it's all a coincidence? Peter and Rochelle Schweizer interviewed Disney animators and report that while working on the Lion King the animators held up stills from Kimba for comparison to their own work.

Kimba is one of the landmarks of animation. The Disney company has earned over 1.5 billion dollars from The Lion King but has not given either any sort of compensation to Tezuka Productions nor credit to Osamu Tezuka. I know their creative people know better. What went wrong?