anyone can give me some cheats for galjan it's a mahjong game for saturn and i'm especialy looking for a code to see all the cut scenes if there is one if there isn't then atleast a code for easy wining
Such naughty little boys

Silly goose! if you want to see all the girls strip, work hard at it and beat the game. Mahjong is easy. You wouldn't want to ask people everytime you want to see porn like that, do you?
i found a few sites that teaches you how to play mahjong but i still don't understand anything so please iether cheats or teach me to play mahjong, and the reason i gon this game is :

it is a red lable game (in japan there were red labled games for saturn wich means adult) but the main reason is that it had rotoscoped animatin so it looks nice
Cecilia Chen :

is it realy that easy? i don't understand anything but nomater how a try i always loose
You press B, Y and R simultaneously before the "Profile" page and you can see boobies. That's about it.

That game is incredibly easy, you can beat it in an hour. And the "naughty" bits are incredibly lame. Get a real Mahjong game, Mahjong is far more fun then seeing anime breasts.