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Does the gameshark have the same features as Action Replay? I mean Gameshark and Action Replay for the Saturn.


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As far as a standard one yes, since its the same thing (game shark is just the name that interact used to distribute it in the us). As for the action replay 4mb plus, that is different from a gameshark.
yeah at the screen that asks to play with or without codes just before it boots the game hold xyz while you press start. Stupid americans and having to use blood code on MK... HAHAHAHA, wait, im american.

same type of dealy for PS... i believe that one is all the L and R's

EDIT: (8\4) ummm, i really do not know what i was on that evening, what the f does Mortal Kombat have to do with anything. I must of been talking about it with someone or something.