geforce4 mx440 or geforce3 ti200

I was looking for a new cheap video card ( < US$150 ), and these two came to be my last options.

In the large internet misinformation of "hardcore gamers" I can't decide wich one to buy, so please lend me a hand here.

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I would personally stay away from the MXs. They are very cheap, but I think they have much lowered memory speed.

I would either get a Geforce 3 or an ATI RADEON™ 8500 128MB(that's the one I have, and it flys). You should be able to find the ATI's $150 or under.



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But then Q3 at 90 or 230 FPS...isn't just getting alittle ridiculous?

There is no point in spending a lot of money on a video card if you don't have the processor to back it up - it'll just be wasted potential.


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I agree, my dads radeon completely eats my geforce card, better effects, better framerates and a lot chaper than geforce cards. go for radeon, preferably by ati.


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Of the two cards you asked about, I'd go with the GeForce3, since the GF4MX is basically a slightly boosted GF2. While not many games use the vertex shaders yet, when they do you'll be left out in the cold with the GF4MX.


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I like my Radeon 8500, aside from some driver issues that apparently turned out to be due to a nasty Win98 bug...
Stick with the Geforce 3, or get a Radeon like everyone else here is saying. If you want a Geforce 4 get one of the Ti cards.
Alright, I will stay away of the geforce4 mx and look for a geforce3 ti or radeon 8500. Thanks a lot for your help :)