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I put this in the Game Gear section first, to see if anyone could answer it there. I realized a few moments later that probably next to no one visits that area, so I pose the question here.

At lan-kwei, and many other stores, there are rom flashers for the GBA, NGPC, as well as many others, but no such item sold for the Game Gear (obviously, it's a decade old).

My question is, does anyone know where to procure one, and/or how to make one?

Any and all info would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.
Tototek has I think what you're looking for.


Click on old stuff. I think they have something that is an adapter for GB Xchanger which sounds like some sort of game boy backup device. I've never ordered from them, but it seems like they always have the odd stuff that you normally don't see around alot.
That'd be the something I'd be referring to... almost.

It's kinda funny though, it'd be $24 for the GB Xchange, then $35 for the GB to SMS adaptor, then $15 for the SMS to GG adaptor. $74, not including shipping.

However, that'd only be used to download. One would still need a cart to upload, is now the concern, I suppose.

I have one of those pirated GG games, 56in1 type carts (has a lot of titles, including FF Special, Hang-On, Lion King, just to name a few) and I wonder if that card could flashed to? It's a lot of work, and even more cash, I suppose, however I want to try programming for the GG and there are a ton of games that I can't find on eBay or elsewhere to purchase. ???

EDIT: I know I could simply write the game and try it on the emulator, but I'd like the option of trying it on the GG, too.
Okay, I guess I didn't notice it was just backup only. However, I did some searching on google and found this page:


Sounds like he's built a small eprom cartridge. Its probably not exactly what you're looking for, but its a start. Otherwise MikeG has built a device for the sms, here's his project page:

It currently only works with sms games, but you might be able to use it with the sms converter for game gear. Otherwise on there it states he may at sometime post a method on using it with other 8 bit sega consoles. Other than that, you might be out of luck, there just isn't enough demand for a game gear flash cart.
I just really, really love my GG. I've been trying to find certain games for a while, and am having no luck with them. Also, I'm toying with the idea for writing games for it, because it's not terribly difficult and it'd be easier to show off my work in progress.
No, I don't own a Gameboy, GC or GBA, and don't have any intention (unless I get one as a gift) to own one any time soon.

The second project, along w/ that convertor, sounds like something that I could do. Now, a modification of a GG cart is in order it seems, and I'll have to do my own experimentation, I suppose.

In any event, thank you very much DoctorBone, you've been a huge help.
They used to sell GG Multi-Cards and Flash cards, but not in such large quantitys (As say, Gameboy). And that didn't get you such a great size of memory per card ether.