Girigiri became a pay-to-play emu?

I saw the Girigiri site here: , it points to a site called "cyber disc". It looks like the emu author sold his emulator to the site since they offer several Saturn games to play. If you want to try it out, you have to download a program, it's like a cd-image emulator called Guru? It's a little tricky to install it because you have to change your OS settings to Japanese. There is a website that shows you how to do this, look for it on google. Windows 2k and XP have no problem with this, I think 98SE would have problems. You also need to install Internet Explorer 6, 5.5 wouldn't work for me. Here are the links:

Guru installer

links to demos(including SF3 and some other Sega PC games)

Girigiri runs with sound, there are no noticable graphic glitches, it runs faster than any other public Saturn emu on my XP1800+. I'd say it runs around 15fps, its playable though.

I can post screen captures and maybe movies if someone provided some space.

They also have Lets Make a Soccer Team, but it's probably a PC version, the graphics look too good to be on a Saturn. You might get weird problems like a program called ACPLAYER crashing, but the program is still usable. Just remember, this is a pay-for-play service in Japan, so don't expect to play any other games besides the games listed on the site.
and the fate of <a href=";f=1;t=7679">Giri Giri have also been discussed before.