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GNUSH v0302 was recently released. The biggest change is that the compiler is based on a prerelease version of GCC 3.3. Binutils and newlib have also been upgraded to versions and 1.11.0, respectively.

On a related note, the semiconductor divisions of Hitachi and Mitsubishi have merged, and the resulting company is called Renesas so go there if you seek SH related information.
, is there a way to use it easily to compile Saturn prog ? It must produce a faster code than the old GCC compiler for Saturn.
After a second request to register on KPIT I received my password now I can try a new GCC
GNUSH v303 was released today. It features the same versions of the toolchain components (though I assume GCC has been upgraded to release-3.3) but some bugs have been fixed.
I just don't get what the signification of the 'COFF' and 'ELF', as seen in coff version of the gnush ...

I'm just curious ...
COFF stands for "Common Object File Format" and ELF stands for "Executable and Linkable Format". Basically they're two different file formats for object files. COFF is older, which is why you'll see it in many legacy environments. Microsoft also use their own variant, called PE COFF (Portable Executable COFF). ELF has various advantages and is favoured by more modern systems.

Which of the GNUSH toolchains you want depends mainly on whether you want to use SGL/SBL or not. The precompiled libraries are in COFF format, and while you may be able to convert them to ELF with objcopy it's an unnecessary step.

This was just a question to improve my 'computer culture'

I first believed it was linux specific ... but it doesn't seem to be the case.

I should give a closer look at all those things.

Regarding the GNUSH toolchains, I have downloaded the coff package as stated in other threads .
It's my turn for a question :

what are the best op-tion to make fast code with gnush ?
Use the -O2 flag, anything higher than that is either ignored or likely to produce broken code. GCC also has many switches that control optimization, but you have to experiment to find those that actually work and improve performance.

In GNUSH related news, you can now download Renesas' HEW 2.2 which is the newest version of the IDE. Props to Renesas and KPIT for that!
For your information there is a new GNUSH 3.03 called second released, I don't know where are the changes but it seems I missed it, it was released on 25/07.
The fixes in the second release are mostly related to HEW integration, see the end of the release notes. I just didn't think the updates were worth mentioning.
v0304 was released today. GCC 3.3.1, binutils 2.14 and newlib based on a snapshot dated 21-Aug-2003. The toolchain has also moved to a new domain,
v0401 is out now. GCC 3.3 December snapshot, binutils 2.14 and a December snapshot of newlib. The free version of Renesas' HEW has also been upgraded to v3!
Originally posted by antime@Feb 2, 2004 @ 10:34 AM

v0401 is out now. GCC 3.3 December snapshot, binutils 2.14 and a December snapshot of newlib. The free version of Renesas' HEW has also been upgraded to v3!

There's a free version of HEW? What compiler does it come with?