Good 4 player games

how about Capcom's Tech Romancer ? has anyone played this game ? i have yet to spot it in nearby stores in my town (Montreal, Canada)... :(
I find Ready 2 Rumble is always fun (but Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 is rubbish).

Also if you have enough money, HOTD2 or Confidential Mission (with 2 guns) is enjoyable.

Although I have not yet got this game (I am in the process of importing it) Bomberman Online should be great multiplayer mayhem.

I hope this helps :)
What about Spawn: In the Demons hand? I was thinking about buying a copy of that, cause all I have as far as 4-player games so far is Sonic Shuffle, and I don't realy like that.
I've played Spawn and I didn't like it. The graphics seems a bit crappy to me.

I'd say Virtua Tennis or Tennis 2K2 would be the ideal 4 simultaneous player game.
are we talking about just on DC?

good 'other' 2 player games:


Bubble Bobble

BOMBERMAN!!!!! (Best 4 player ever!)

Micro Machines 1/2 (close second)
ok all the above games i just mentioned... but emu'd on the DC ;)

does that count? lol

edit: oh, and dc bomberman would have to be on the list too, wouldnt it?

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WSB2k2, because i'm a baseball freak.

I saw 'shaneus'' post and thought he was back, and was thinking, wow, everyone is coming back.
Tennis 2K2 is the best 4-player experience I ever had. You can keep playing that for hours and hours.

Gauntlet Legends is also fun if you like mindlessly beating yourself through waves and waves of enemies
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wheres Chu Chu rocket? that game owns!!!

With chu chu rocket it takes too long to explain the game to friends for a quick game.

By the time you get done explaining it, they don't really understand, and they just say, "ok, can we try another game?"