Good Buy?


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I went downtown today... i bought stuff... I just went to see if I'd be lucky enough to find Panzer Dragoon Saga again, and a Saturn AV cable.. well I found neither

Here's what I got

Nights w/ analog controler $10.(they had a ton of these, I almost bought a second )

Saturn Control Pad $5

Saturn Arcade stick $15

Sega CD Ram Cart 5$

DC Control Pad $10

Do all these sound like alright prices????

Oh I also made the mistake of buying mansion of hidden souls. That game like really sucks...
Well, none of those prices are good nore bad, there normal prices for most of those things. Also, mansion of the hidden souls sucks you say? I used to want a copy of the game, whats so bad about it?
well I think that it's that I was expecting a little more from a saturn exclusive... I really didn't give all that good a try... as far as I can tell, it's kind of like myst or something... and it's also kind of slow... I mean it's like on a rail, where you turn and move, and open the doors... it's not really that scary. I actually can't give it an honest opinion as I haven't played too much, I stopped soon after...

If at all I'm more really into those irem games on the NES: Shadowgate, Uninvited, Deja Vu, etc..., than MoHS

I'll tell you what it's really like once I give it a real chance... I think it was that I was more excited to play nights for the first time.

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I think the prices are not that good ... you could save some money on these stuff .. and i really recommend that you keep an eye on ebay the have cheap cool stuff sometimes ..
Ram cart is ok .. but all stuff's price together is not that special .. also its depending on the condition of the stuff ..
I would like to get a ram cart for my sega cd, but I never see them anywhere. Besides, I don't have all that many games for my SCD, mainly due to the fact that I have NEVER been able to download a SCD game off of one of the ftps, and if it comes down to me spending money on that, I would rather be putting my money into saturn or DC games.
All was brand new, and pretty much perfect, except for the saturn controller (the box was a wee bit tattered) they still have old things in #### huge boxes in downtown... almost perfectly preserved...

anyhow i was thinking about buying another saturn... what would be a good price to pay??

....what the #### am I doing up??? it's 1:11, i'm going to bed.