Good homebrew software for DC?

Been a few years since I've played a DC, but just saw one today with mem/card for $15, plus shenmue for $1 and figured "can't go wrong".

Like the title says what homebrew games/apps/emus do you recommend? For emus I don't wanna touch it unless it has sound plus runs full speed (fullspeed w/ frameskipping is OK).

Has anyone made efforts to improve the old "SegaGen"? I had an early version with small hard-to-read fonts but then a nicer interfaced version was released. Just curious if anyone made other efforts to update it.

For apps, I used to use an mp3 player (forget the name). Pretty straightforward, it just played all the mp3's in the directory. Maybe nowadays there is something more advanced, like with a dsp or eq plus other sound formats support. Is there a freeware VCD player that actually works? Also is DC Linux useful for anything? I've never used linux (any variety) before. Any other apps you may feel are useful, feel free to mention.

Homebrew games- I used to have quake. What else is good? Interested in trying Beats of Rage but can't find where to download it. Is it possible to put the various mods on 1 disc and select from there (think I remember some news post about that from VGN or Zophars or somewhere).

Is DC bleem any good? I remember it was hacked to play any game, but I never tried it.

Also, is it taboo to ask where to d/l the unreleased games such as prop arena?

When was the last time Utopia Boot Disc was updated?

Sorry for all the questions. Just answer whatever you have time for and maybe let others pick up the slack.
Emus - NesterDC and the NeoCD emus are the best. SMS Plus is good, too. SegaGen is an illegal emulator, although there is still no Genesis emulator as good (IMHO).

Homebrews -- yes, you can do that with BoR, but you'll need a different app for the boot menu. Personally, although BoR is cool, I don't care for it much -- too simplistic. I really like the Noiz2sa port, even though it's not perfect, it's an awesome game.

Apps - DC Media Player is a good one. DCDivX works well too.

Utopia - hasn't been updated forever... you don't need it, anyway. Just make selfbooting discs.

DC Linux -- not really useful unless you just want to screw around with it.
Off the top of my head:

Beats of Rage and all the Paks




GenesisPlus preview 3 is way better than the illegal version IMO.

Ahh yeah, I forgot ScummVM. Way awesome as well.

I haven't tried the latest GenesisPlus, I need to check it out. I hear Castaway is good too, but personally I found UAE4ALL far too slow to be of much use.... maybe good for playing Mindwalker or something, though.

Propeller Arena and Half-Life are the only unreleased games I know of floating around out there. There are others that may be released at some point.
Apparently a bowling game was leaked as well, but I'm not gonna bother tracking that down. I found a working torrent of Half Life, and managed to find Prop Arena on Shareaza.

Also if anyone's interested here's a good place for downloading beats of rage and the mods:

Good speed, files are not broken in chunks, plus they've got a special multimod image for download (200meg+)