I"m tired of Instant messages, and private messages and emails asking for roms or advice from newbies. THERES AN FAQ RIGHT HERE!! JUST READ IT!!!

yeah i know that if i was a newbie that wouldn't help me at all. but still... there are a lot of obvious questions that new members to the board ask that really are already answered in the MISC section which i still think should be changed to the "help" section.
One thing REDO FAQ
Put links of the documentation from the miscellaneous section to newbie 101.


jajaja, you get bothered by newbies? I'm lucky with this
Look, Myst said something about being lazy/not having enough time to do it, so commission some people to put it together.

I know I brought it up at least twice, maybe more. I'd love to do something like that.

And it doesn't have to be one person, it could be a bunch of people. Have a poll or something as what should be changed, somebody write up the FAQs, another proof them, another transfer them to HTML, etc. etc.

Again, I nominate me.
What annoys me is that the board has an archive of over 30000 messages, but no-one bothers to scan even the first page of each section. There's even a search button right at the top of the page! Newbies don't annoy me, lazy bums do.
No what I said was is I started it and I asked for people to help me fill in what they feel should be added and I can add it. Now your saying some misc should be in there, ok Ill take a look.