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Damn, now Audiogalaxy is done. What do you guys recommend for an Mp3 downloading utility? Morpheus blows when it comes to Mp3s. I want an app that does ONLY Mp3s like Audiogalaxy.
Blubster is also good, just don't for the sake of god, DON'T share your entire 10 GB collection! It will take hours for all to show up! use a seperate folder for it instead, and copy 10 or 15 MP3s into it

OT, whaat? why is my post, posted after the other 2 replies, listed BEFORE them? Time is 3 minute before them.
I've been consoled slightly by Songspy, it doesn't resume downloads and doesn't queue songs, but I haven't been in need of mp3s too much lately, to care too much.
Yeah, I use WinMX too. It's not exclusively for mp3's, but it defaults to an mp3 filter anyway. Not been using it for long but it's given me every song I've asked for so far
i use that kazzalite program it works pretty good for me..usually find anything I'm looking for pretty easily
kazaa is getting wise to kazaa lite, i mean i was running it just fine and all of a sudden boom like 4 pop-ups but it has way less pop-ups than the normal kazaa so its all good.
you know, if you turn off images, load Kazaa or lite, you won't get a single popup. if you do, enter the Internet Explorer Internet Options, go to the Security tab

click the "Restricted sites"

click "Custom level"

Disable everything

click OK, and go back to the internet options control panel

click Sites button

add to the list

click OK

click OK on the IE options

now, you don't have any popups.

you'd figure they'd have learned by now. Regardless of what you say, if you associate with Bonzi Buddy, Cydoor, or any other company known for compromising privacy, people won't trust you either.
Dear Cloud121,

I know some people have mentioned it, but I feel like adding my opinion also. I use WinMX because it is good not only for MP3, but even some game ROMs and other cool files when I need them.

Perhaps there's a better program out there, but WinMX is the best I've used so far. Try it!