Good news, bad news need help

GOOD NEWS: Thanks to a pal in Australia, I now have copies of Theme Park and Markos Magic Football on Mega/Sega CD!!!!!!!(HOOOORAYYYYY!)

It worked perfect on Gens emu with the SCD Euro Bios.

now for the BAD: Using SCD conv 2.5, I cant convert the ISO file right(I used Binchunker for extract the ISO) however, after using the program, I am unable to boot the games or the ISOs of the games on Gens emu and my CDX after being changed to American terrority. Theme Park's Freezes at the Sega logo, and Marko's keeps reseting at the Sega logo

Was a new version of SCD conv released? I cant get into Eidolen's Inn for info...
dont do iso/mp3....jsut too much hassle. I would just rip a bin/cue then uploead then if people want to convert their images then they can to whatever territory they want to. That way u donth ave to do tonz of work and ppl can get what they want. if they wantiso/mp3 they can make it themselfs and if they want to change the country they can do that too. PM me if u need any help....
IIRC, SCD Conv doesn't work particularly well un Euro->Anything conversions...

You might be out of luck. :(