Good Racing Games for DC


i want to get into the dreamcast and am wondering what are the best racing games for the system. I really like games like Ridge Racer and Other games were you can purchase mods for realisitc vehicles. A few that i have heard of are

Metropolis Street Racer,

Tokyo Highway challenge 1+2

Are there any others that i should purchase, or that anyone recomends?
Judging by the kind of racing you like, I definitely recommend Sega GT and F355 Challenge. Another good choice would probably be Metropolis Street Racer. I'm sure there's one more I'm forgetting right now.
You won't like F355 Challenge if you like mods. There are no mods in the game it is all driver skill. If your not a racing nut and love Gran Turismo, stay away.
Vanishing Point.

Precisely what is meant by "mods", btw?

Being able to tune up/equip your car?
Try Test Drive Le Mans. Amazing game with very good graphics and deep gameplay. Vanishing Point is also very good game.
How could I forget Le Mans.

Actually I have my Dreamcast CD folder open right now so let me look for other good racers...

Demolition Racer No Exit and Super Runabout are a heck of a lot of fun, but they're purely arcade games. Sega GT of course comes as a top recommendation.

Then there's 18 Wheeler, Stunt GP (race toy cars on stunt courses) and the futuristic, Wipeout-like San Francisco Rush 2049.

A very interesting game is 4x4 Evo (often wrongly referred to as 4x4 Evolution) in which you get to race pickup trucks, jeeps and the like, and you can also equip and tune them extensively. Nice change of pace if you're into skill and mastering difficult, hilly courses rather than sheer speed.

That's it from my corner!
I didn't like Vanishing Point -- neither did my brother, who is a driving game junkie

18 Wheeler, Stunt GP and 4x4 Evo seemed fairly mediocre

good arcade racers are Daytona, Sega Rally 2, and Rush 2049 (mentioned before)
I would have to say Tokyo extreme 1 and 2, I know 2 was mentioned but both are worth it, as well as sega gt, or Ferarri f355, good game too.
I'd say Sega Rally 2 (even though its an arcade experience) and Le Mans 24. Sega GT is nice (ish) but the high power cars handle like shit. Infact, they handle like shit on ice. And as for MSR -> I always found it infuriating. Which is strange as I love Project Gotham. :huh
I'd agree with you on Le Mans - that is a classy racer, although the CPU AI is either too easy or too hard and is prone to "clumping". I though SR2 was a bit of a let down, and MSR a minor disappointment but I really like Sega GT. You obviously drove the wrong cars, becuase the Skyline and the GTO were brilliant machines. Some of the smaller high powered car do handle like crap though (damn Clio... :D ). IMO it was a superior game to it's successor.

Steer clear of 18 Wheeler. The game has no depth at all...
MSR is gay

TXR2 is the ultimate DC racer in terms of modding your cars.

Sega GT is practically exactly the same as Gran Turismo.

has anyone played daytona 2001?
Yeah Daytona 2001 is pretty much the ultimate non-arcade Daytona experience. Some complain about twitchy handling, but haven't found this to be much of a problem. The crashes aren't right, but they are better than those in CCE for the Saturn.