Grass jelly drink

no it can't be illegal if they sell it in the states. i don't know what kind of grass it is the ingredients just say grass.


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Originally posted by sheep64@April 22 2002,03:21

Something like canabis, ganja?

That would be cool though...


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I think weed can only be put in things which contain butter for some reason, if you're cooking that is. I guess you could sprinkle it on anything if you wanted. Not that I'd know about anything like that of course


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Obviously you can ingest pretty much anything but supposedly butter helps it get into your system. Don't ask me why.. That's why you usually only see cookies or cakes or whatever. Whatever you do don't have it on your toast for breakfast and then go to school. You'll never hear the end of it (years later)
Originally posted by MasterAkumaMatata@April 21 2002,22:36

You can think of grass jelly drinks as black jello cut into tiny cube chunks and immersed into a sugar fluid as grass jelly has no taste itself.

You know how we all like it eh?

I used to eat those jelly things in cans too... the black ones were tasteless so you had to put sugar on it... the green or yellow ones already taste good by themself...

however, i don't eat this stuff anymore... it gave me a stummy ache last time... don't want that anymore
MasterAkumaMatata Posted on April 21 2002,22:30


Did you check expiration date on the bottom of the can before consuming the black stuff


i thought drinking that stuff was supposed to help settle your stomach.