grrrrrrrr. my comp is bein dumb

Today I got office 2k and was tryin to put it on...I would load it up and it would ask all the info liek the cd and such. Well, afetr a few seconds it would just kill proggy all by itself. This is the first time I have had the problem but I guess it did it to my mom in works spreadsheet earlier when she went into help and clicked on the "show me" icon in works spreadsheet help and it would load up the thing but close just seconds after by itself unless she hurried and hit the next key. so she couldn't be on the same page thingy for very long or else it would close itself. I dunno what can be doin this, I ran ad-aware and it didn't have anything suspicious. Any suggestions? Maybe an easy fix in windows?

P.S. I loaded up another installer and it didn't do anything...just ran normally. So so far it has only done it in the MS office 2k installer and then in the help thing of the works spreadsheet.

Thanks guys, lata...
ya, but I have no virus protection/detection software. Yes, I have rebooted a few times. I have no idea what it is? anyplace where I cna try a virus scanner for free? like get a scan for free?
grrr, that was the bro downloaded this this for diablo 2 that was suppost to make your char all beefy an shit on closed well, him being an idiot downloaded it and executed it. I thought I had got rid of the stuff but I still had 2 remnents of it and so I got rid tof them and voila! it gone....thanks for the help guys, lata.


Hm I wanted to try this but i need to download the plugin for firebird and when i point it to c>program files>firebird>plugins it says the plugins folder can't be found.