Gundam Z Fmv

I've got this japanese Gundam Z and when it's playing fmv the screen just goes black. I ripped the game and converted it into european. I thought that cold be the problem so I did a country mod for my Saturn.

It's still the same now, the game works great but the fmv is just black with sound, even when I try the original.

All my other games work fine, both japanese and european.

Then I did the 60 hz mod, but at 60 hz the fmv still is just a black screen.

Anyone got a clue??
Is the game an original or a burned disc?

Was the image one with two data tracks?

If burned, it's possible that the second data track (if there is one) is incorrectly offset from the first track (wrong gap)... and file entries for video clips in the ISO9660 filesystem in track 1 point to the wrong data in track 2... or it's possible (though unlikely) that someone simply removed the videos.

Nahh. Actually I think it's a very weird coincidence. What model Saturn do you have, exactly?

By any chance, does this game support (or require) an MPEG card? Do you have one?
I have a model 2 Saturn, no MPEG and the disc is original.

I've found out that it runs ok after a few resets, but i'ts not a heat problem or something. After it runs ok I reset and it wil run a black screen again.

Btw. do you know the game "rampo"? It's like an interactive movie I think.

Does it need an MPEG card??
Trol, I have an MPEG card....if u wanna rip the game and send me a copy either over the net (sum days I am on T1, we could set sumthin up) or through the mail. Either way, let us know if u ever figure it out k? Peace, PM me if u are interested.