Happy Birthday Taelon


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Tch, 30 years old and still can't get his facts straight. Anyway, happy birthday trouser-boy!


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And to think when I first met ya you were only.. hmm... 23? Man it's been a long time! I already wished you a happy birthday elsewhere, but may as well here too.

Happy Birthday!!! :cheers

And by the way, 30 minutes to you is more like 2 hours in the real world.



Haha! Wonderful! Love and xoxoxo to you all!

IBarracuda1: Life's hell. My family is here visiting from Germany and I just don't get much time for the computer anymore...Whew!

antime: very funny
But hey, always been a late starter... in fact... I just now, for the first time, set up a working home networking setup...my brother is browsing on my old machine here right next to me

Presley: glad to leech! (LOL) and yes... I will

Jaded_God: just because I said I'd be running Trillian all the time now doesn't mean I'm AROUND all the time! See above

klakalou: thanks man

y2kzorak: sorry about last night (to all others: this isn't what it sounds like LOL)... I never did get back to the computer, instead crashed into bed... so yeah... that thing about 30 minutes to me being like 2 hours to the world isn't entirely off base, though...

Thanks again all