How do I open the star locker on Headhunter on DC?

I noticed when I finished the game, the save file was called Headhunter Ver 2 or something like that.

Does that mean I have to play through it again to get a different ending or something?
I've heard that you open the last locker after you play thru the game a second time. However, I heard that if you open it the game crashes or something like that. Not sure if this is the backup version or th eoriginal. Could be the original since the game is buggy as hell. In short, I wouldn't open it if I were you.
Ok thanx, I think I will risk it.

Do you know whether there is a different plot the second time through? As the ending for the first time leaves it very open.
Found it! You need to beat all the Leila records and complete the game. Now if someone could inform me of the exact location of the 4th bomb.
I am playin through V2 now and have come to the Leila B rank test.

The stealth mission apppears to be impossible as the guard doesn't react to decoy shells (well he hears them and turns yellow but never leaves his post)

Is this a bug or is there a way round him?
Yeah, the first one.

The AI means that he never leaves his post and he is blocking the only exit.

I have got a few people to check it and none of them could do it.

Supergrom: I got all records too on V1, but due to this it is impossible to finish.

If it turns out there is no way to do this, then could someone tell me what happens at the end of V2 as the plot is left very open at the end of the V1.
I did it in V.2, it's pretty hard. You have to throw a shell so the guard turns his head to the right (his right) then run along the wall to his left, then snap his neck from behind. All before he turns his head back around. Also, you must kill him or you fail the test. It's a challenge, took a couple dozen trys, but you should be able to do it.

The Star Locker, don't open it!!! Everything will be fine if you do, you'll get infinite ammo and all the guns, BUT you don't get the code breaker and can't complete the game. This is fixed in the PS2 version.

Hope all that helps.
V2, V3, etc are basically just harder, works kind of like a difficulty option. Also, there are a few extra tinny cut scenes like 5-10 seconds worth, all in game generated not FMV.
No idea, I stopped playing after beating V3, could go on infinitly. One thing, the near impossible leila test is only in V2, so you only have to do it once.
Ah phew, that test took like 20 goes to do.

Do you know if you ever get a proper ending to the game on one of the versions?

The V1 ending can't be the only one, it was just too unfinished.
Nope, that's the ending. Kind of disappointing, eh. The first time you play through HH it seems amazing, but the second time through you realize how linear it really is.
Damn, guess I will have to wait for a sequel to find out what happens.

Anyway, thanks for all the info