Hi, how ya doin?

I'm a noob here... I've posted a few times in the Sega CD section, I just thought I'd say hello to everyone, and I like the site :) The tutroials have been very helpful, and I hope to pass on anything I learn here as well.

As for gaming... consoles include the Genny Model 1 and 2, CD (Model 2), also the *cough* 32X, and the Saturn. Still haven't bought a Dreamcast yet, as my roomate has one (we make sure not to buy the same systems - makes for a good gaming setup...LOL!).

On the emulation front I indulge in (good) North American dumps of various consoles, as well as all things MAMEd and not, including the yummy ST-V sets.

So... anyways, thanks for readin'! :)