Help diagnose the problem with my Saturn!

Hi all, newbie here :)

I bought Die Hard Trilogy the other day for my Saturn. Having not used it for a few months (#### school) I was mortified to find that it kept on crashing during the load-up screen. It just won't read any discs and crashes. I've tried cleaning the laser, removed the cover to see if there was anything burnt out, but nothing. Anyone had a similar problem with theirs? This is a PAL model 2 I think. I bought it new about 5 years ago. Any help will be appreciated! Mucho gracias.
I had a similar problem with my Saturn.

Either the laser on your sytem is damaged or the cd its self is faulty/damaged.

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Tried it with every CD in my collection, music CDs too! Nothing. Must be a fault with the laser, but I can't see anything wrong with the laser? Strange....
I couldn't see anything wrong with mine, but i took it to my local shop to see if it was the laser playing up or if it was my cd. Kept crashing on the SEGA screen. Turns out it was the laser.

I would say that the laser on yours is damaged and needs to be replaced.
i see

is that the problem you should be thinking in change the laser with another one

a discman laser will be ok(well, more specific, the mechanism that have the laser...eith the lasr of course)

its not great problem but maybe thats the answer
mm now that i think well (waw!! i think)

if you do the swap trick (me too) maybe the mechanism is broken for do the swap trick(in a bad form , forced the mechanism)

or for be without use in a long time , something happen to your saturn....but i dont think that...
Nowhere round here that does repairs as far as I know :(

My Dad is meant to be going to Birmingham (England) this weekend. I'll ask him if he can take a look in while he's there in CEX.