Help! warriors of fate keeps mocking me!

I've gotten it from a couple places, and still no luck. ???

Has anyone else run into this problem, and if so, how did you fix it?

The ISO is 10.5 meg, and I'm using CDRwin to burn, and here are the first few lines of the Cue file I'm using:


TRACK 01 MODE1/2048

INDEX 01 00:00:00

POSTGAP 00:02:00



PREGAP 00:02:00

INDEX 01 00:00:00



INDEX 01 00:00:00



INDEX 01 00:00:00


There are a total of 40 wav files. Any help would be appreciated.
Well, can you elaborate on the "nothing" part?

From what I gather, you successfully burned a CD and your Saturn recognizes it as a bootable game. Now when you do hit the start button to, er, start the game - what *exactly* happens?

The cue sheet seems 100% OK to me, although usually the index/track/postgap lines are indented (meaning, spaces in front of them) but I think that's just for better readability.
Thanx for your reply Taelon.

I'm able to extract it ok, I burn it ok, then I use the swap with my 5 in 1 like I have all my other games. It reads the legit cd's copy protection, I insert the WOF disk, it loads up then goes blank,...I don't even get the start up screen. Weird. I've only ever had problems with RAR's being corrupt or missing, this is the first time I've had trouble like this. I have my saturn on the switch for US and JAP, and have tried it in both, no luck. I even considered the possibility that it was PAL and ran it through SATCONV,......still no luck.
Ah...I assumed you had a Saturn with a mod chip... So you cannot tell whether the Saturn would recognize the game as bootable or not. In any case, sounds to me like your ISO was simply is possible, happened to me once...burned a non-working copy of Kyutenkai Pinball...

(it was not recognized as a bootable game, only an audio CD, despite the mod chip I have)

Hmmmmm,............................. ???

I suppose so, but I've tried it from three places and no luck. All the ISO's are 10.5, which seems kinda small, but there are 40 something music files,.................
that's odd alright...'course they could've all come from the same rip ;-) I wonder if anybody else got this thing to work...

as for small ISOs...some ISOs are astonishingly small...Darius II is only 8MB and Dezaemon 2 is even smaller...that happens, nothing too unusual...

it's the games that have TONS of gfx/sound or FMV video that make for huge ISOs...
the only rip of this game ive seen runs the opening fmv then goes to a blackscreen, every time

i think youve possibly got the same rip, either way, i never got it to work, i put it down to being a bad rip

Thanx Mega. Funny, but that actually makes me feel a little better, because the other option was that I'm an idiot!

Three different FTP's hosted this same file,....... I allways test before uploading so I know it works, I wish others would as well,..................... ???
Hmm, my ISO+MP3 copy seems to work fine. Of course, I got it a long, long time ago though. After MP3 --> WAV and SatConv, I burned with CDRWin.

Here are some info regarding the ISO which you might find useful:

JAPAN country code:

; 11075584 11:08.34 1996-06-17 WOF.ISO

WOF.ISO 21FE3375

USA and CANADA country code:

; 11075584 16:32.34 2002-05-12 WOF.ISO

WOF.ISO 47C828F4

EUROPE country code:

; 11075584 16:58.22 2002-05-12 WOF.ISO


Uh,....thanx Master AM,....... is that an option within CDRwin I missed somehow? Because I'm not sure exactly what you're saying.

Please clarify.
If you're familiar with Win-SFV32, then you'll know what those are. Basically, what I've provided are the file size (in bytes) and the corresponding CRC in 3 different country codes. I'm thinking that the file size and CRC should be adequate info to confirm whether your ISO is good or bad.
Nope! Mine doesn't match what you listed above Master AM.


Luckily all the music files are present, hopefully some kind soul will find it in his/her heart to re-up the ISO itself,.........


Thanx for all your help anyway, the quest continues!!!!