Help with burning!

I have over 60 Saturn's disk, but by now i simply copy the entire originals disks and they all work. But WWS97 gave mi error, and i cant copyng. Can i grab all the data from the CD and save on my hard-disk and than burn with nero or Easy Cd creator 5 basic like data disk? Will it work?

Sorry for my broken english ???
No what you do with Easy CD Creator 5 is not data cd, open Easy Cd 5, goto File > Burn Image... > Pick your ISO and check your settings before burn. You'll need a cue sheet for games you may download with mp3's (Convert the mp3 to wav is easiest, than use Sega Cue Maker) .. if having to use cue, i reccomend however the Ez Cd 95 although burning at 4x is somewhat slower, it is much easier! load the "Mixed mode CD from image" and turn of testing, check close disc, put the iso into the iso tab area, drag wav files in numeric order to the audio tab area and burn! has yet to fail for me.

--All info was digested from being helped by others, im giving back, its not copyright infrginement
Originally posted by MasterAkumaMatata@Aug. 21 2002, 5:08 am

MoonKnight: Some clarifications of why the burning application and related tools didn't work for you.

First, do NOT use Easy CD Creator to burn; Easy CD Creator's mixed mode CD is not the same as EZCD Pro's mixed mode from image. EZCD Pro is okay to use (as long as you're not running NT, 2K, or XP), but Easy CD Creator is NOT okay.

MoonKnight, you did read what MasterAkumaMatata wrote didn't you?
Koralsky, I think WWS97 is a game that uses dual data tracks. This basically means that some burning programs (like Easy CD Creator 5) will not be able to copy it directly. Try using CDRWin - I'm fairly sure this allowed me to copy Last Bronx (another dual data-track game).
But and CDRWin give me error. WWS97 is ok, but when i put blank cd the error mesage appearence. What configuration i will choose?