Help with Panzer Dragoon Saga

Hello. A friend has of mine has borrowed an original North American copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga from someone. We would like to make a copy of the game, but I cannot seem to find any instructions for making a direct copy of a SEGA Saturn game.

Can somebody please point me towards or give me specific instructions for making a copy.

Most of the information I have found is in regards to ripping or burning games, perhaps you have to rip and then burn.. but that's what I want to find out, because if you can just copy the CDs somehow that would be much simpler, I think.

Also, is there anything I need to know about multiple disc games. I plan on using the "swap trick".

Thanks in advance for the help.
you simply make a 1:1 copy, no tricks involved.

as for the swapping, with all multidisk games you save at the end of disc one, then boot from disc 2.