Help with sound and movie sync.

I copy an RPG called Popful Mail from an original CD, and the in-game voice dialogs are out of sync. with the text/video. It is like the text says: "hey you, keep out" and the voice: "hey you...(silence)...hey you, keep out"; so when the next text appears it is still in the voice of the one before.

The original doesn't have this trouble.

What am I doing wrong? I tried non-raw cd copy with cdrwin and discjuggler.
What speed did you burn at? Perhaps you need a deeper burn (i.e., burn slower like at 2X). Also, what type of blanks are you using? Good quality blanks?
Would you be able to take the burned copy, rip it and then burn it again using higher quality disks and at 2x to fix the problem? Mine does that out of sync thing too and I don't have access to the original disk anymore.