Help with Utopia

I've been trying to play some non-self booting emulators. but I ain't got no luck.

When I insert the Utopia CD, it gos to the music CD screen. Anyone know what's happenning?

Before anyone asks me: yes, I can play self bootable Cd-Rs.


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My guess is that the Utopia disk is bad.

What program did you use?

Did you download a disk image from the net?


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that is very odd.

so the utopia doesn't load AT ALL??? it just goes straight to the CD screen when you power the machine up?

Pearl Jammzz

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Well, my guess is that u burned it wrong. First, download the file again. then make sure u read some documents on HOW to burn it CORRECTLY. Once you do that, follow the guide, step-by-step. The burn at 1X speed, sumtimes this helps.

If this all still doesn't work, my guess it that your laser is having a hard time readin the cds. Try calibrating your laser. Dont ask me how as I have no idea, ask sumone who know, I am sure sumone here has done it a few times. All I know is that it's pretty simple.