Wouldn't have done that if I was you. In adition to asking for ISOs (which is totally against the rules and will probably result in getting banned), you asked for Mega CD ISOs in the Saturn forum. I mean, if you really wanted to ask for Mega CD ISOs, you would think you could do it in the right forum.
Look Its like this, your Hey i want some iso's ,

I'm like shut up bitch,

your like yes sir,

I'm like Damn straight, read the the forum rules and make me a sandwhich
What are these Iso's you speak of? :

International Society Of.......damn ran out of letters

and uh yeah to the offending individual prepare for the flaming of a life time.
isn't it about time for arakon to close this thread so we can get on with our petty lives?

and what's with the popularity of

almost everyone's heard of it and its' got having much content