Hey I'm don't mean to be annoying...

Can anyone (who has xp) tell me if there are any cdr programs that support iso and music files writing (all in one like ezcd pro) If someone has posted about thisalready could they let me know cos Im kinda going mad trying to find one. Thanx
WinXP as the same ASPI incompatibilities that 2000 had.. Its not the apps that arent compatible, its the ASPI drivers on the cd.. Once you get the ASPI layer fixed, all your burning apps will come back to you..

hop onto google and search ASPI and Windows XP, see if ya cant find yourself a problem.. mebbe even your burners corp. website has a fix..
I think he's talking about one that supports mixed-mode from iso, my nero won't do that, and the ezcd on this site (2.0 i think) doesn't like XP, CDRWin should work, i'd use it but it doesn't support my weak btc cdrw drive. Oh and Nero works fine too.

Btw, I ran and installed the aspi32.exe update(v.4.60) which microsoft.com told me to install and update for xp, and adaptec said not with XP, and I've had no problems at all.
I'm using Fireburner 2.12 and XP to burn off all my Sega CD/Saturn games. Check Fireburner's message board if you have any issues getting ASPI to work.
nero worked fine under 2000 (after downloading new ASPI) and works fine under xp for me

although i run into troubles with some proggies like cdrwin and discjuggler.
Thanx guys I have force aspi and cant get easy cd 5 to work but all I need it for is sega cds so fireburner will do