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Big update on our high scores section today! We have the following high scores to add to our list:

Ivan - Sega Master System - Columns

Gaz_2_k - Genesis - Sonic 2 - Small video too :)

OMONowez - Genesis - Streets of Rage 2

aNgRy ChInAmAn - Dreamcast - Marvel vs Capcom 2

Head on over to the High Scores Section to check it out.

As always, send all your high scores to segaxtreme@litespeedcomputers.com!
VBT's high score for Sega Rally looks to be on the desert track, not the forest track like it says. :)
Originally posted by IBarracudaI@Aug 11, 2003 @ 07:04 PM

It surely is on Desert track... My time is 0'52'87 :p just let me work out some of my other times, and i'll make some mpgs ;)

Great time IBarracudaI but you used the Lancia Stratos with AT gears. My time was made with Celica MT. :)
No I didn't, that's celica's simbol, boot up your game and compare that simbol to stratos' one. :)

I got to start racing with MT ;)

Edit: btw, Iceman, Desert course pic is mislinked to Arcade's one.
Oups :blush: , you're right it means I'm a shit on Sega Rally and you make an impressive time with only an AT car. Congratulations :)

Also I've just tried the Stratos and made 50'30 without playing SR1 for a long time and with only 3 laps.
I'm making some training on SR1 PC :) now I know how to go fast on last corner :) I managed to do 52'74 on desert track and I'll go under 2'40 soon (only 2'40'01) I''m sure I can do better on a Saturn :p

updated :

Best Lap : 52'72

Desert : 2'39'71
Originally posted by vbt@Sep 24, 2003 @ 09:21 PM

now I know how to go fast on last corner :)

humm, could you share that knowledge? :)

There are two the key "zones" the right corner after the checkpoint, I think I have mastered that one, but I still can't realize what's the best way to do that last corner, I usually approach it on the left side of the road, then I do it very close the the wall..
You have to be at the most left part of the track before the corner, then move the more you can inside the corner. Gear down to 3rd gear, you should drift up to left part of the track and gear up to 4th, you have avoided the little bump and you can continue on the grass a little time then move to the right.

Now I make on PC 52'64 and 2'39'61 :)
I'm sure it will help you. I return playing on Sega Rally :driving:

hehe, I've just ordered Sega Rally 2 for PC 3.99€ :D great price for a "new" game, isn't it ?