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I have a techie question. I am setting up a remote home surveillance system for a friend that is out of the country. Anyone have experience doing this? They have wireless high speed internet and the cameras seem easy to configure. I'm just curious about how well they work and if any brands are better. Thanks.


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Go to //cctvcamerapros.com/. They are providing good system with good explanations.Several different styles are available online.

Look for systems that feature wireless connections, wide-angle lenses and low-light vision.

Sketch a diagram detailing how you will position your cameras before you install them. Draw arcs to indicate lines of sight in order to identify any possible blind spots you might want to cover.

Following your diagram, install cameras around your premises. Cameras for wireless systems only need to be plugged into an outlet. Cameras can rest on a shelf or ledge, mount on the wall or ceiling, or stick to a window depending on their location and your preference.

Install the receiver for your remote surveillance system. This typically only requires you to plug the unit into a power outlet and attach it to your computer with a USB cord or another cable provided by the manufacturer.

Install the software that comes with the system on your computer to view the streaming video from your cameras.

Check camera output on your computer to make sure the line of sight you wanted has been achieved. If you discover any problem blind spots, move the cameras to compensate or install an additional camera to cover that area.

Activate the remote viewing settings so you can access your video online. Your system will be password protected so that only you can access it. When activated, you can monitor your camera from any Internet connection, including your compatible PDA.

Program the recording settings and options to record at a scheduled time, upon motion detection or continuously. Most software programs have additional programming features for added convenience.