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This should be a good thread for those of you who are looking for bargains on games and game systems. If you find a really good deal on something somewhere post here.
Funcoland-Seems that all of their genesis merchandise has become very cheap (aside from the acutal system) almost every game they carry for the beloved sega system is less than $10, including some of the rare games....Prices have not dropped on their online store, you have to actually visit the stores to find the deals. Happy Hunting!
I haven't posted for a while, but I just thought I'd let you know. I hope I am not stating the obvious here but if you are in the UK, keep an eye out for Saturn games at your local second hand shop. There are two near me - cash converters and cash generators, and both have a plentiful supply of Saturn games. OK, so they had about half a dozen copies of Olympic Soccer (whoopie-do)! But I bought a few classics - Burning Rangers, Touring Car, Sonic Jam, Sonic R, Nights, Discworld II, Road Rash, Street Racer, Die Hard Trilogy - all for £3 each. I already had most of them so I sold them on ebay - Burning Rangers for £35, not a bad return!

Also, I have spotted brand new third party DC, Saturn, N64 and Megadrive pads and accesories (scart cables, rumble packs, etc.) in Poundland for £1 (doh!)!! Bought myself a few spares. Game had official DC vibration packs for £2.

Anyone else spotted any bargains?
Another stating-the-obvious one for the UK, if there's a Gamestation or Computer Exchange near you you'll find quite a few bargains in those, largely due to the fact that games are priced by individual staffers who often have no clue whatsoever of what things are worth. Example: The other day I got Donkey Kong plus the 4mb expansion pak for the n64 in mint condition for £17.99 in Gamestation, which is a great deal (normally the two would clear £30 on ebay), but especially when you consider they were selling the expansion pak by itself for £19.99..
At a local game store here, they sell everything, from import NES games to gamegear games, even virtual boy. If anyone wants me to see if they have anything they are looking for and what price they are, i will be more than happy to my next time out. Then i can spread the videogame joy!
right now has the xbox live starter kit + Phantasy Star Online for XBOX for only $50 for both, better get it before it runs out.
Easybuy2000 has Xbox chameleon (spelling?) mod chips for $39.00 for two weaks. Thats better than paying $54.00... sadly is what i did a weak before that stupid deal. <_<
Sales time!!

Best one I have seen in the UK is ToysRUs who are selling Xbox, PS2 and GC games from £4.99. Also Xbox controllers (3rd party) for £4.99 - in store they had a deal where you could buy two Xbox games and get a controller free - I got Vexx and Voodoo Vince plus a controller for £9.98!!

By the way, they had Shenmue II for £14.99. The are also on-line at ToysRUs UK

although, unforunately they haven't got all the deals you may see in store (like the Shenmue one!!). is also good - I got Prine Of Persia for PS2 for £17.99.

See ya!!
Electronic Botique in Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City ( AKA Hicville USA ) Had a limited supply of Dreamcast systems for 34.95 new, and a couple refurbs for 24.99.. probably gone by now though. (except the refurbs.. ugh.. ) :ph34r:
Game's website over here had black GBA SPs for £29.99 as it's 'deal of the day' yesterday. £60 off! Pity I didn't notice it before they all went..
at a store about 35 minutes from my house, was Phantasy Star Online for xbox. The price. Only $8.00!!! I thought that was crazy.
Well, this was certainly a strange experience.

I just bought a copy of Popful Mail for Sega CD from Victor Ireland, the executive producer of Working Designs. (This was on Ebay). I'd e-mailed the seller about extra info and got e-mail back from "" He said he usually kept around a bunch of copies of games he'd worked on, and at one point had as many as 30 copies (i.e. a case of them). So now he's cleaning out the garage and selling the extras.

The best part is he said he'd autograph it. :p

I'll scan it in when I get it. :cheers :D