How can I fix the Snatcher "off audio"?

Downloaded Snatcher US (ISO/MP3)

Used CDRcue to make a cue sheet

Used NERO (latest version) to burn CD

Works fine, but some of the audio is off a few secs when people talk, probably due to pregap stuff or something.

Anyone know how I can fix this??
If the mp3s were binchunked it's likely that the audio tracks have two seconds of silence at the beginning of each track.

You can get rid of these using audio editing software such as Sound Forge, which I use.
OK... I still need help. :(

I've been able to fix the audio... but now I can't get the "begining sequence" to play.

I get the title screen and click new game... the into starts about the snatchers... after the snatcher shows up and fires a shot out of it's mouth, the screen goes white and just stays there... If I press start the game starts.

I know it's not the ISO because the first working copy of snatcher plays that "second" intro... with the couple talking.

So now I've got a CD that plays the intro, but the audio is bad... and a CD that doesn't play the intro, but the audio is good.

What can I do to make one CD that works both ways??


Hello. I am Aeris. I am having the same syncing problem with Snatcher. This "cue sheet" solution seems to be ideal, but i don't know what it is, what it's for or where to get it. I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanks
Hello again. I followed the faq as best i could and everything was looking pretty good, but when prompted to start recording, cdr-win said the cuesheet was rejected by the cdr recorder. Does anyone know what might be a likely hitch? Is this operation not possible with the demo version of cdr-win? Again, i would very much appreciate any help you can give. Thanks in advance,

I had the same exact problem, white screen, audio out of sync, completely skipping the titles, etc.

Assuming our files were similar, the problem is indeed the mp3 lengths, they aren't the correct lengths as compared to the audio CD tracks

It's some work, but this thread explains how I got things to work using Sound Forge:

This trick worked for pretty much every track, except for track 04, seems it needed a few secs of dead audio at the beginning to sync right.

Also, don't work it too hard... the original was dubbed, and Gillian's conversation with Jamie did have a few "slips" :)

I haven't been arsed to try burning it yet, since it's really just a hack of an already bad rip. I may hold out until I can get my copy back (tip: never loan out your games), but it does run nicely as iso+mp3 in Gens now.
Your Sound Forge trick worked like a charm. I would recommend it to anyone who has Snatcher iso/mp3 problems. The game now runs 99.9% flawlessly (the only thing that went wrong were a couple of characters briefly opening their mouths when they weren't saying anything, but it only happened twice in the whole game!). It didn't crash at the hospital or anything! You were right about the additional silence at the start of track 04. Three seconds is exactly right for the intro sync. For some reason, after clipping tracks 18 and 19, they both needed exactly half a second of silence inserted at the beginning to sync with the ending (Of course, as with the others, you will need to equalize the time at the end of the track to compensate). Just thought i'd let you know in case you haven't got that far. Thanks again, You sorted my Snatcher!
Aeris, thank you for that info:) I shall adjust them and edit my original post as you've said, I do appreciate that information.