How do I rip Sega cd games with CDRWin 5.0

I'm having a lot problems here. I thought I'd come to you guys since you've helped me so much in the past. I've got Lunar1 and 2. I have Lunar 2 burnt to a disk and I own the original Lunar 1. I trying to rip them in to just the iso and the mp3s so I can send them to someone. The problem is that I just downloaded a newer versian of CDRWin (5.0 to be exact) and I don't know how to rip the images and mp3s with it. Go easy on me b/c I'm not exactly a proffessional when it comes to iso emulation/burning etc. I just get luck sometimes. Can someone please help me out? I'm desperate!
Download the latest version of CDRWin from here.

I don't know just what v5.0 is all about as Goldenhawk have only released 3.9B. ???

It sounds like someone has released other burning software with the same name. Very strange. I just found this:

Reply from Goldenhawk:

CDRWIN 5.0 is NOT from Goldenhawk Technology. We are currently investigating this situation, and will have some resolution to it soon. We strongly recommend that you do NOT use version 5.0 as there are many reports of it crashing people's systems. We have not stopped development, nor have we sold the rights to our software.

We will not make an official statement at this time for legal reasons

Anyway, get version 3.9B and follow Skank's CDRWin ripping guide in the Miscellaneous Section.
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Originally posted by antime@Dec. 26 2002, 11:43 am

Can you use that Yamaha CD-R to duplicate the Saturn security area?

Are u reffering to those burners which can "write" on the cd surface??? if yes, no you can't use it, it has been discussed a few times here in this forums...

The problem seems to be that "nobody" knows for sure, if the security ring actually contains digital data, or if it is only a visual thing...
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CDRWin 5.0 isn't actually from "some group" ... It's from Padus, same people who made Discjuggler, and in fact CDRWin 5.0 and Discjuggler supposedly use the same program cores, or something along these lines ...

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Not Padus, but a company called Engelmann Media and distributed through Disc4You. Based on some of the threads in the Disc4You forum it seems Engelmann/Disc4You has managed to (or claim to have managed to) swipe the trademark for "CDRWin 5" in Germany, but they're doing little to clear up the general confusion surrounding the issue (why would they, since it is in their advantage). Apparently their software is based on Padus' technology, which is sold as Padus Foundation Class. Golden Hawk had a 4.0 beta that they distributed, but it has apparently since been dropped.

EDIT: Hardly surprising that the domain is owned by one "Ulrich Engelmann" and that the administrative contact for the domain is "". Both share the same physical address.