How do you burn a game if you only have a .BIN?

I downloaded a game and the only thing I had after I unzipped it was the .BIN file. I know I can extract the bin into .ISO, but when I do that I only get the .ISO and no audio files. Is it possible that it has no audio files? Or is there a way to make a cuesheet for the .BIN? Sega cuesheet won't do it without an .ISO. Any help is appreciated.
This is a tricky process. You can start by identifying the game and its region (e.g., USA, EUR, JAP). Assuming the first 2 sectors of your BIN file has not been patched, you can use a hex editor or one of the Satconv programs to get this information if the name of your BIN file is too ambiguous. If someone reading your post knows of or has the game you are referring to, that person is in a better position to help you by telling you how many audio tracks there are or even provide you with the cuesheet for your BIN file.