How Do You Remove Carpet Mold!!!


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My basement was pretty flooded before I moved to the city. It looks it didn't dry properly, there's a ton of mold in the air and the carpet feels like crap to walk on (plus there's apparently mold growing on my mousepad AND keyboard). Is there any thing I can do short of removing the entire carpet?
The best thing you can do is remove the carpet. You can have a professional come in and clean it, but chances are it will come back. The mold usually will hide in between the floor and carpet. Even if you clean it out the carpet, it will grow back. The worst part is, once you get spores in the air, they attach to everything and will start growing there. I have seen houses where over time, the mold starts growing underneath the dry wall. And once that happens, you get a big expensive mess.
Ah our basement flooded and we had to get the carpet replaced, the floor sprayed and had this weird mist stuff sprayed all throughout our bsement to kill the mold. Cost a pretty penny.