How long did it take you to learn the swap trick??

Hi Guys

I guess it´d be interesting to make a new thread about the swap trick...i got my saturn model 2 yesterday and i´ve tried like a hundred times and still i dont get it, so maybe im stupid, or its impossible to swap!

Can you please state how long did it take you to make the swap trick, and your saturn model (1 or 2)????

I learned to swap with a Saturn Model-2, with the Sanyo Drive, in less than 5 minutes. I _do_ have good relexes - The first iso I burned was 3Mb in size, and sanyo drives respond diferently with sizes (large ISO's swap easier). After swapping discs on her in the middle of a rave (ie, no good visual or audio cues) without failing, I belive I can swap any disk based device known to man >_<
It seems that the later "Model 2" systems (there are really more than 2 models; I think there are at least 5 major versions not counting Hi-Saturn and V-Saturn) are extremely picky about swap timing. A friend of mine has one that will give up unless you actually spin the disc up manually as you swap it; the fraction of a second for the motor to kick back on makes or breaks the timing...
I actually did it right the first time :cheers (with PD Zwei)

Seemed like beginners luck, for when I try to play RSG it just gives a black screen after the SEGA logo :-(
It work at the first time for me on a Model 1 but I made the simple swap trick method, the wrong method :

1) put an original CD

2) put the copy

The result wasn't great so I moved to the right method (backup - original - backup).
When I used to have to use the swap trick on my (now broken and binned) model 2 64pin saturn, I managed to get the swap trick working first time from one of the guides at this site, one of my mates who also had a model 2 saturn did it first time too, wasnt really that difficult.
I took some time to master the technique... (something like an afternoon..)

I can't forget the first backup I managed to boot up correctly... Daytona USA CCE..
Latest Model 2 saturns are a pain in the ass to swap, the're very picky on the time and the media you use, also on latest model 2 saturns it's best to get a modchip and install it, save's u hours of wasted time

Also u have to have some original games to wap on model 2, cause 1 time you can swpa some copies with (let's say) pantzer dragoon original, but some copies will never start with pantzer dragoon cd so u need to have another original to swap with.

Anyway, if u want a life with ur saturn model 2 (latest models) then get a modchip (and let's say that for all model 2 saturns)

Or maybe i will figure out how to add a cd reading led on latest model 2 saturns (i know there is a guide for that, but that guide does not work on all my model2 saturns, cause the don't have the same layout)


Remembering back, I didn't really have had a hard time swapping my Model 2 Saturn. Maybe 10 tries or so, but now I really mastered it. I guess my problem was giving the CD a spin at first. But maybe it wasn't all that difficult, because I always swapped with my AR4in1, dunno. Only game I didn't get to work was Burning Rangers. Neither with Christmas Nights or VC2 as swap disc (I use them most of the time). Who knows, maybe the Image is corryupt. Can somebody second that? I got my image from ElPortal.