How long do GG Battery Packs last?


Ban Hammered
Just wondering what kind of experience people have had with battery packs rather than batteries. I have had my game gear for a while but Ive always just used a AC or car adapter since i never really had a place to take it where it would be worth using batteries (besides a couple plane rides that set me back a few bucks on batteries). Is there an advantage to the official one? i was also looking into the one at lik-sang ( here ) since my last cigarrette adapter died too. anyone know how good this one is? thanks for any input.
that battery pack looks ok, but if you can find it, it would be better to get the officual sega battery back, with the cable for the gg. it last 4 - 5x longer than batteries on a full charge. I have 2 of em cuz i got em for cheap.
I bought a offical Game Gear Powerback from Toys R Us several years ago, It has two charge options. The first takes around ten hours, but seems to last longer. The second only takes about two, but it only seems to last about 2 1/2 hours. Works with my Nomad too, But its quite odd having it hanging back there with no place to bolt onto.
well 2 1/2 hours is a shit-lot better than the like 45 minutes from regular batteries

i got to get me one of dem powerpacks or backs or whatever
The battery pack fully charged last about as long as alkaline batteries , maybe a just little bit longer 3-4 hours .

The Nomad , Game Gear , CDX , and 32x all use the same power supply so any rechargeable battery pack , cigarettte adapter or wall plug is interchangle able betwen the four .

Sega Genesis and Sega Master Sytem also use the same power supply .

At least the models that ive had here in North America

Oh yeah and pretty much no matter what portable system you use always spring for the extra fifteen cents and get the aklaline batteries . The seem to last ALOT longer for portable systems . There are one or two cases where the manufacturer says not to use them but it rare , andtheyd work fine anyways . Im sure the reason why sega says dont use recharable batteries in Nomad and game gear is because theyd only last an hour .
The official sega battery pack, the one that clips onto your belt or wherever you want to put it lasts around 5-6 hours on my nomad, fully charged. its the best battery pack i've used for its age.