How many of you still buy games?


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How many of you have stopped buying games or have shown a drop in game purchasing for saturn once you found out about isos. I personaly havn't bought as much but i still buy my games. Especially the ones i really want. Sure i might have the iso, but there is something about the real thing that makes the game more enjoyable. Don't get me wrong though, i don't think i'll be paying $150 for a new copy of panzer dragoon saga, but i don't mind putting out $30 bucks for a good game now and then. I guesss its a matter of if you collect the games or not. Well, thats all, just something on my mind.
I just bought a game a couple of hours ago: Die Hard Arcade.

Not only do I have a CDR of it, I also have the ST-V cart too.

I have slowed down a lot recently though... I've started buying Dreamcast games instead.
I'm getting nearer to completing my US Saturn collection, so I'll buy harder-to-find games from time to time. Or games I really love that I have a burned copy of, I'll buy.
I havn't bought a dreamcast game for sometime. I use to go crazy buying games. for about half a year i was getting a dreamcast game a week. It was very cool. but i sold half of them to get a ps2. Suprisingly i got good money for some games though. But i still regret selling them. I just bought Pocket fighters of ebay, and im going to visit my local videogame import store to see if they have any good saturn games this week.

I remember when i first got die hard arcade. I was young, and me and my friend would stay up all night playing that game all the time. Then i had gotten Dinamite cop 2 and we did the same thing, unlocking every single thing we could. Good times, good times. I havn't been able to find really good collectable games on the new systems lately. Only very few can bring me back a year later and still have the same fun factor.
I still buy Saturn games, but it's been a little while.

I have most of the ones I want.

Plus money is a little tight right now.
I still buy games for most sytems, snes, saturn, psx etc. Personally if it's a decent game i'd much rather own the original than have a pirated copy. Some exceptions though especially with some saturn titles like RSG and PDS, i just can't find them for a reasonable price so i will not be buying them.

The last games i purchased for saturn were Layer Section and Detana Twinbee Yaho! deluxe pack.
I could of had a whole lot of new games this week. But out of my generosity, i bought my girlfriend a PS2 so she could play the sims. Thats a lot of saturn games!!!
I havn't bought a Saturn game in 2 years. Then again I've only got a few new games since then. There's really just not any more that I want.

I haven't bought a Dreamcast game in about a year because the only game I want is Shiren Gaiden and that's NEVER under $60. I can't justify spending more than $30 for it.

Personally, I hate ISOs. I find having a pirated copy of a game REALLY takes away from my overall enjoyment of it. Ont op of that, when you get into game piracy, you end up too busy pirating games to ever playa ny of them more than a few hours. I know someone with around 800 games and he's only beaten two of them. That's just wasteful.

I'm really disliking CD gaming because it lacks something we had back in the cartridge days -- challange and packaging.

You may point out Working Designs for packaging. "Whooo look, I got a hardcover instruction manual that tells me NOTHING and a completely useless cloth overowrld map -- not like it takes more than a 4 year old's brain to figure out where I'm going anyway."

Remember back in the days of Dragon Warrior? I remember being younger and having the huge maps spread out over my bed and the item lists. And the games were difficult so you actually NEEDED those things to really decide what is the best thing to spend your money on. I think Dragon Warrior is why I ended up as stingy as I am today

When you're just stealign games left and right, I think you really miss out on a lot of that experience. And to me anyway, that's what made gaming so much fun.
i buy hard to find games that bin/cue's pretty much dont exist for, and jap crap noone else would rip
I buy all Saturn games (but then I'm a collector too). The swap trick sucks, just feels like you're hurting your precious saturn...
Originally posted by DBOY@May 27, 2003 @ 02:23 PM

I'm really disliking CD gaming because it lacks something we had back in the cartridge days -- challange and packaging.

Packaging? Jap saturn games got goood packaging
I try to buy as many original games as possible. I have stopped importing from overseas at the moment though because it just costs too much. But when i see a game domestically that i dont have and is a reasonable price i always get it.

Even though i have lots of iso's i still buy the originals when i find them cause i like getting a whole package
i only bye games that i really love and that you cant get a PAL version of

i also will not pay more than 50US for a game.. beening a student can suck
Originally posted by Berty@May 28, 2003 @ 02:21 PM

Even though i have lots of iso's i still buy the originals when i find them cause i like getting a whole package


I also hope one day to own every Euro Saturn game, but I don't know where I'll keep them all!
I still buy classic games import from Japan (such as the 3 Parodius, detena twin bee, silouhette mirage etc..)

I wish I'll own someday a true Radiant Silvergun :/ (the STV version is much cheaper than the console version...)