How many of you still buy games?

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I'm really disliking CD gaming because it lacks something we had back in the cartridge days -- challange and packaging.

Packaging? Jap saturn games got goood packaging

A color manual doesn't qualify as "good packaging." That qualifies as "same shitty packaging as US, except it sucks in color."

If you want to see good packaging, check out old RPGs.
I used to have over 70 or so burned Saturn games. I eventually gave all of them to a friend who just got his Saturn modded. Since then, I've been buying originals only... my collection is at 72 games so far. It was nice being able to preview games for free (otherwise I would have never known about Astra Super Stars or gotten the chance to play RS).

That's the only thing I regret about not having a modded Saturn anymore... not being able to preview games. I've spent a lot of money on games that ended up being really horrible (Keioh Yugekitai) or unplayable (Device Reign) or horrible and unplayable (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu). Still, I look at those games and think, "Ah well, another one for the collection". *tosses wallet into a paper shredder*


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I just got my Action replay plus 4m in the mail today. This thing is a life saver. I totaly ruined my gameshark by swapping the cartridge for the 4mb one all the time. The gameshark is so messed up that it takes me about 45 minuts to get it at just the right degree of being plugged in to work.


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The last Saturn game that I bought was a brand new, factory sealed copy of Street Fighter Alpha 2 from eBay for roughly $20 USD after shipping a month and a half ago. You know I will always treasure it.

The back cover you see here (recently added) is from a scan of my new copy of SFA2. The front cover and disc scan (also recently added) was from my used copy of SFA2 though.


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I was close to buy a Saturn game but it cost 30€ and it was a little expensive for a game that has only videos, instead of this game I bought 4 Dreamcast games


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The cover art for Akumajo Dracula X .... gawd ... it's beautiful ... *wipes tear from eye* I love owning the Japanese import of that game, even though I'd kinda rather play the English PSX version. (The Japanese menus are difficult to get to grips with for me...)
I have downloaded a load of saturn games but when I'm in town I'll still rake around shops like cash converters to see what saturn games they have as nothing beats having an original copy with packaging and manual, I just bought the US copy of Guardian Heroes since I've been playing a downloaded copy, I used to have the EURO original years ago when the saturn was around but sold that along with the saturn and so decided to get the US copy as I hate the huge euro boxes