How much does a playstation game weigh?



I don't have a scale at home, and I want to charge exact shipping charges so I don't rip anyone off. If any of you kind people could please help, I need the weight in ounces for the following:

A Playstation Game W/ Case & book

A 2 CD Playstation Game W/ Case & Book

A PC Joystick

A CD W/ No Case/book

A PC game w/ box/instructions

Thank you!!! Any help is most definitely appreciated!!!
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It would be best to do it yourself somehow, the weight of all of those things could vary alot depending on what exactly they are
Charge $4 or $5 shipping for complete CD games (one or two disc). It costs about $3.70 to mail them first class USPS (unless that rate just went up as well). Use the extra to buy the CD sized bubble protected shipping sleeves.