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Damnit, this pisses me off. When I try to get into #xbins it says I am banned for some reason? worked liek a week ago.....but anyways I am thinking they just banned AOL users or sumthin liek that cuz I didn't ever get a warning or anything saying I was banned. but anyways, I just need to know how to make it so it tells people I have a different IP address than I really do. Anyone know how?
hmmm, how would I do that best? what proggy should I use and stuff? I am new to this shi....every question Iask on here is a learning experience. BTW, are you a female? if so congratz, we need moe of those here...ones who aren't just drama (myst, that chan grl) but eiher way, first time Ihave seen yer post so welcome
Assuming you are using mIRC you go to file->options->connect->firewall and enter the information for the information above.

Yes, I am female, and thanks...I guess? :huh
hehe, no worries. Sorry my last post was so crazy and unreadable.....damn keyboards these days. But anyways, thanks for the info and i'll see if it works...
ok, got it working, I guess I had it to where ppl couldn't IM me...I wasn't banned or anything, hehe. but thanks for the info anyways, it could always come in handy
careful if someone is a real bad ass on mirc a whole subnet can get blocked from connecting and if that happens... well den unless you have an admin on the inside your fucked cuz those things are permanent name tags. the chan i visit usually unblocks after a week or two.

btw the only way of getting around a subnet ban is to change Isp's.
I once wrote an mirc script. Like a full on polaris sort of thing... then one day I couldn't get on dalnet anymore... they'd klined me for using a malicious script lol... They never did email me back with what the problem was lol. In any case, dalnet sux now... I think they got bought by aol or something.
Hai Pearl Jammzz,

Is your ip static or dynamic?If it is dynamic,then you have to reset your modem or else if it is static,then ask your ISP to change your ip.To know your network ip address visit .