How to play CDDA


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Greetings. I recently wondered how to play CDDA music. Using the example of commercial games, I learned that the audio track is launched directly by writing 16-bit values to the system addresses. An example of playing the audio track #2:
FFFE => 0x25890008 (Interrupt Status Register)
1000 => 0x25890018 (Command Register 1)
0200 (or 0201) => 0x2589001C (Command Register 2)
0F00 => 0x25890020 (Command Register 3)
0200 (or 0263) => 0x25890024 (Command Register 4)
This works in Yabause, but does not work in Mednafen and SSF. What else needs to be done to play the audio track in other emulators?