I am new at saturn Burning one question

Hi I have been on the seen for a while but i just got my saturn. I have 1 little question when I go on a ftp to a game there always seems to be mp3 files with each game. Am I sappose to download and inject those into the iso or are those there for people to listen to. thanks alot.
They're meant to be burned along with the ISO. The ISO is the data track on the disc; the MP3 files are of the various audio tracks.

K thanks I read the info and now I know what to do. I have already burned 2 games without the mp3 files and the seem to work fine just no background music but all the sound effects are there so it fine with me
yes, you might not realise immediatly, but the mp3's are the background music

most games will work without it though, or with music from another source
No offence to my fellow peers but.....

Yeesh, im sick of these people!

Anyone who even pulled a saturn out of his ass would know more. Im sick of all of these "Leet" people who come on, say they'v been doing this for years, but then ask stupid questions like that. Without even reading the guides! I mean come on, at least read them first, then act like your leet!

I bet he's probably one of those guys who JUST got a Saturn for 10$, because he heard that "Those guys at SX got some leet warez and shit. Lets leech and rape their servers!"

We all know the first thing out of their mouths would be "Where is the free warez!?"

"Gee wiz, no boot disk? Oh, I probably have to inject the file first or Dummy it up! Oh, where can I leech the rom files for my emulator!?"

Yeesh, Go back and pretend your cool doing DC stuff. You still don't know anything, but at least you can state a few facts that are relevent to Dreamcast.
I would have read the guides Like i usally do but I was having a problem viewing them So I thought I would come to the boards Please dont act like A knowitall just because I cant see me. you dont even know me or what I am capable of doing
Maybe "Miscellaneous" needs to be renamed to "Burning FAQ's", just to make things slightly more obvious...
Maybe something at the top of the board telling you to check the FAQs before asking a (ahem) burning question. :)
Good point.

But then no one is deleting them either. Stupid posts, that is...

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I dont think It is to much to ask for a little help I am sure every one here needed help sometime with something And I dont think you would like if people to tell you that you are stupid and look for your self.
Wo bu yao! I think I agree with Net and the rest!

No matter what you do, idiots will always come. Renaming it will do very little. The people who run SX invest their time and effort for nothing but to give to the SS Community! But still people come and take advantage of them! How sad! I think its wrong for people to take advantage of good people, and if some comments are harsh it is because its true! They owe you nothing. If anything I think people owe them for enduring all that has happend, expecialy when they ask non of these people to come. They come on their own accord and decided to mess it up for all the real people who hlep out and appreciate it.

Xie Xie,

How unfortunately true... well said, however.

I also agree with how you call it a "community". This is probably the best way I have heard it put... it's not a "scene" or as MrFlooD put it, a "seen". It really is different than the Dreamcast "scene".
I agree as well. Im not alone, im glad others feel the same way! We are a community, and I think i will offer no help to anyone who just buys a Saturn and comes for free games. Im sure all of us has had almost 100s of LEGAL games way before these other so called "leet" people knew even they exsisted.

These are the same people also complain that games are too expensive so they must pirate. You didn't buy any games before, and even after the system is far gone, and games are almost 10$ or less you still don't buy any. You just want free handouts!

And then you say, well some rare games cost 100$s of dollars. Yes they do, and I agree some people honestly should get a CD-R to try it, but these are the people who invested 100's or 1000 of dollars on Saturn disks, and accessories because they love their system. I think the LEAST these "leet" people could do is buy the game for 100 bucks. If its so good and rare, it probably deserves it, and since you never even supported the community when it was strong what right do you have to just bum a free CD?

Even IF you payed 100+$ for a rare disk like Silvergun you only support < 1% of what the true members of the community already spent on lagit games during the life of the Saturn.

Its always the same, cheap ass people, want everything for free, come leech games and warez, then dare accuse the rest for being so harsh and not wanting to even deal with them. Go return your 10$ Saturn, because you will get no help from me, and I hope others follow suit to push these people out and show that your not welcome.
Bravo, bravo!!

I do believe that even though the Saturn community is just as legally responsible as the "DC scene", (that is, from a totally legal standpoint, our piracy is the same as theirs...) the feel of it is markedly different. When I do download Saturn isos, I don't feel like "wow, cool, I'm getting something for free" like other forms of piracy. I guarantee you that this is a huge reason why most people pirate stuff, it makes the person feel like they are above the system. Still, it's not so with Saturn or SegaCD... do you all get what I mean? I can't really explain it.