I am new at saturn Burning one question

Stupidity is the lack of knowledge

ignorance is the undesire to learn

laziness is, uh well--being lazy

This guy is pretty stupid, lazy, and ignorant...

I must admit, when I open this thread, I thought the other people were being mean to mr. flood, ( I hadn't read the question yet, it opened in the middle of the thread). Well, then after reading the two that were on the screen, I scrolled up to find a dull-witted question!!!

I say yay for everyone to give a penny for their thoughts. I just want to ask, Mr. Flood, why were doing on an ftp for iso's if you don't know how to burn anything? Granted, if it was a unique question regarding a problem in burn, people would have been more curteous to you. But this question could've been answered if you read the book "Burning Cd's for dummies" Plus, everyone is ridiculing you because you could've searched the whole forum for you question. And.... This is the wrong forum!! Isn't there a Tech forum???@?!

There's my two cents. I may be new, but I aint dumb...


One more thing.....A newbie shouldn't have such a disrespectful signature. On top of that, you're asking for help. You're not worthy to have the bubble-bobble avatar!!! I feel violated...

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Quote: from RadSil on 8:19 pm on Oct. 3, 2001

Bravo, bravo!!

I do believe that even though the Saturn community is just as legally responsible as the "DC scene", (that is, from a totally legal standpoint, our piracy is the same as theirs...) the feel of it is markedly different. When I do download Saturn isos, I don't feel like "wow, cool, I'm getting something for free" like other forms of piracy. I guarantee you that this is a huge reason why most people pirate stuff, it makes the person feel like they are above the system. Still, it's not so with Saturn or SegaCD... do you all get what I mean? I can't really explain it.


I'm with you, bruvva, and I get what you mean about downloading saturn stuff. To me it never feels wrong, or like you say "wow, cool, I'm getting something for free" - it's more like a last resort, only if I can't get an original. I have 30+ original CD's and I'm always looking for more - a task getting harder, especially in my tiny isolated corner of the world. So when I find a site like this, I'm eternally greatful.

In my case, it's more like being given an opportunity to experience a game that I can never, ever, find as an original. It's never about "beating the system", or being above the law, or saying to friends "HA!, you're not cool until you've played Silvergun on the Saturn..etc", or being able to brag about the number of "classic" games you have VS the "lamers" who have only ever played "commercial crap" like Playstation or N64. It's all about being able to enjoy a great system, by a great company for as long as possible.


hey back there i agree with mr flood, don't give ppl a hrad time just b/c they don't know what there doing, i have only burnt 1 succesful game and it took my like weeks to do, and i don't even have a saturn yet, its still on the way, and for all i know mine might not have mp3 support, so get off that guys back