i am stupid n00b13 :)

i just got a (supposedly) modded saturn today. appears to boot the saturn setup menu fine, and the battery is new.

i've tried to burn the 20-track radiant silvergun i have, in fireburner, and ordered the datatrack as first and the subsequent 19 audio tracks, but it does not seem to load in the saturn (is there a trick to either the burning or loading?)

it just boots the setup meny constantly. do i need to satconv it? this is absolutely my first crack at this, and i've scoured the newsgroup archives, the faqs, and this board for info before having to ask now.

thanks in advance.
Look at the error message. If you get:

"Disc unsuitable for this system."

Then either it's not modded, the mod's not working, or you somehow managed to really screw up the burn.

If it says:

"Game disc unsuitable for this system."

Then you need to use satconv, install a territory switch, or get a cart that bypasses the territory check.
actually, there's no error, it just goes black and then goes back to the saturn setup menus. does not look as if it spins up even.
If you get no error message, then you're not getting to where it's actually trying to boot the game. If it doesn't spin up, that might suggest a problem with the door switch...
ok i put in an audio cd and it's still not booting up properly, no spinning. the guy in email tells me i need a PAR now too to play backups. am i supposed to suspect it's not modded now?
I got the same error message with my modded saturn at one point. Open up your Saturn and see if their realy is a mod in it, and if so, check to see if the power wire for the mod is in the socket properly. What happened to mine was that the power wire had just come out, that might be whats happening to you.
Yeah, a power wire could be a problem, cause if there no power to the chip the saturn cant communicate to the cd rom drive. and no, you dont need a par cart to play backups, as long as they have the proper country code on them
if you power on the saturn with the lid open with the newer (cheaper) mods it wont boot cdr's (possibly not even originals)

power it on with the lid closed if your not doing so already

its ok to open the lid after its switched on though
Tell us if you can load an audio cd and hear music (try with a saturn cd with audio tracks, too). If not, you have a problem with the modboard or the laser unit, which means that you have to contact your retailer.
i got it used through a private sale. audio cds did not work (though i'm sure it was disgusted i put in alanis too)

putting a cd in and me looking at the blow hole i can see there is no attempt at spinning up any discs.

emailing the guy i bought it from, he says that this is normal without a PAR

so now i have to track down a PAR? :/
You should only need a PAR if you want to play imports, use cheats, have extra save space etc.

The Saturn should play audio CDs fine without one.
Listen closely. if you have a game of the same country code, you dont need a par. theres a great application in the misc section over there ( to your upper left) that will fix that. you DEFINITLY dont need a par to listen to an audio cd. my guess is that the guy who sold this to you knew it was broken, and this is why he prolly got rid of it, maybey he fucked up his own mod chip instalation or something, but the system will read cds if its normal. at this point i would open the system and look for the presence of a mochip even ( it should be attached to the lower left of the system, looking straight down on it, with the ribbon cable from the cd drive plugged into it.).
I agree with SaturnDDR. That son of a bitch wouldn't say such a stupid thing if the unit was completely scrapped.

Open your saturn and check for burned parts, you know, the ones which smell like smoke.

Check your laser power unit for unplugged cables, you can also try to listen an audio cd (not alanis, please) unplugging the modboard (just plug the 21pin cable without using the modboard as a bridge)

Do the cdrw laser adjustment (described in the sx miscellaneos section)

Clean the lens (ask for help if you haven't done that before)

Or simply go blame the bastard who sold you that saturn and get your money back.