I cannot make work ISOS in a Fz-1

I have a 3DO Panasonic Fz-1 Pale, when inserted him a copy of a game to the 10 seconds me expels them. It must change the region of the ISO? . Games NTSC in the PAL work. I have recorded by 2x and by 10x and it gives the same result me. I feel the one of my English, but I must use a translator. Thanks :
The problem is that my 3DO Fz-1, does not read copies to me. And now I ask: A 3DO FZ1 the PAL accepts copies NTSC or I must change the region? And if I must change to the region whereupon program?

hmm ok yes i understand now. I know you are translating these so i will use small words that won't get messed up in the translator. Your 3DO will read copies of all places. Pal or ntsc will not matter. It has not mattered for me and i also use a good old fz-1. Try again with a different game. If you could tell me, what exactly happens when you put in the disc?
It passes the following thing to me. I inside start up the console with the game and to the 15 seconds it expels the disc to me. I have tried with several games (BC Racers, Alone in the Dark, F1GP) and no of them works.

Thanks :
Nothing, continues giving the same problem to me, or records by 2x or 4x. The reader works since he detects the music CD to me. It can that is CD's (PRINCO)? Thanks
Oh it just rejects the cd? Try using a different kind of blank cd. Maybe the 3do does not like your media choice.