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Ok here's the problem and my friends all dykes so this is last place I turn, and I'm very sorry that it is not videogame related but here goes. Arlight:

This is this one girl I like at school, and we're ok friends, but she likes someone else who doesn' tlike her. If i told her that I wanted to go out with her, I'm pretty sure she'd make fun of me. After all I do post at message boards like these so :
: She doesn't see me that way. I'm also not really the sexiest piece of man meat ever cut from the slab, so that's another blow. What should I do? Again, sorry it aint videogame related but i have no where else to turn. And those books all suck so that's not really an option for me.
Flirt and gauge her reactions... basically, you have to try to read her... and knowing women, thats never easy. Make *slight* innuendos with words she uses (As in nothing to do with bannanas, cucumbers etc.) and be funny! No pressure, but thats they key

Happy hunting
what hasney said is true it worked for me(shhh my gf din't pick me i swear i swear she did make the first open move though) and to add one thing cuz i know you all dun wanna know about my love life. think your good looking be proud of the way you look, take a look in the mirror and think damn i am good looking. and she'll take notice cuz girls can smell insecurities and they don't like men that have low self esteems. Talk with her and listen to what she has to say, women love men that listen to them.
haha ok but this girl... she's really not danty or anything. Every other word spewing out her beautfully formed mouth is a profanity, part of why i'm attracted to her
then she is gonna want a man who is a manly man walks around with good posture and air of i am the best. but don't be cocky. and the best way then is talk to her about it and she may make fun of you for it but then she might just be like "sure" or whatever she says.
don't be agressive, but if you live without shame then it really won't matter a bit if she says no

and if she says yes

... bonus!
Anyways, don't just go & "talk" to her. You can end being her "gay" friend (Does someone remember the "Sherminator" of american pie?)

Go for broke and ask her to go out to dance or a concert you are doing in your garage or another lame excuse. Then make your move(s).
hey man ive been there, and frankly much like you I had a low self esteme, untill I realized that wuts worse than beig rejected is never knowing. Not that love life has anything to do with games but you seem to be a pretty loyal person just by liking Sega. Take it from whoever but chicks like Loyalty. Anyway give it a shot.

- ps it would have done more for you if you asked that girl this question instead of these boards =]
As far as school goes in general, I wouldn't rush into anything unless you're completely prepared for ritual humiliation if it goes wrong. I've seen it happen often
. At the same time, school is the place to make your mistakes with this stuff. You see the same people all the time, you have a long time to work them out.. Later in life you might see someone around and have to make your move faster, which you won't be able to do unless you've messed it up a couple of times before (and hopefully got it right too) and chalked it up to experience. Believe it or not, getting it wrong will probably do your confidence good in the long run (apart from extreme cases, of course), because as time goes on you'll see that it's not the big deal it was the first time you had to do it.

Of course, being the personification of beauty, I have never had to deal with such problems. Oh yeah, and girls like modesty too
Originally posted by Gear@Sep. 30 2002, 9:02 pm

Anyways, don't just go & "talk" to her. You can end being her "gay" friend (Does someone remember the "Sherminator" of american pie?)

"Dude we get it. Your last name is sherman. Has that ever worked to pick up any chicks?"

"Woah, the sherminator is detecting bad vibes"


Ok everybody so it seems i should go right rhough with asking her? Hmmm altough i do think i'll end up being one of those guys who are "easy to talk to" (i hate that so much!!!) but it's always worth a shot. I think i'll do it this firday so if she says no, i won't have to face her for 2 days and i'll have some time to bring myself together with either another shot at it or to cock my gun and go back otu for the hunt.

Maybe this is a good sign but here's something else : We are both open about making crude sex jokes. Just for fun i don't really think i've seen her do that with anyone else and i'm around her alot. Good? Bad i don't know. YOu tell me,
Heres a "plan of attack" that I always wanted to try, but never got the chance. In your case it may be the perfect course.

You're already her friend, so ask her out as "a friend." Go to the movies, go bowling, dinner. But ONLY as a friend. now make sure to do this on a VERY set schedule. Perhaps meeting up every Weds. and Sat. so that it becomes second nature. Once she gets to the point of expecting to see you every other day, stop.

Now avoid her. Don't call, don't see her. If she asks, tell her your with a "friend" and say nothing else. If she likes you, she'll be jealous of this "friend" and the rest is up to you. Women love a mystery.