I need a link to Fuses

I need a link to a place that either

A: sells the fuse I can use to replace the broken one in my Sega CD


B: a picture of what one looks like so I can go buy one some where

Thx :)
You don't need to replace the fuse with an exact copy -any fuse with the same specs will do. Every electronics shop should have surface mount 3AG fuse holders that take the easy-to-find common glass fuses. It's really simple to run a couple of wires from the mainboard to the holder which can be stuck practically anywhere. You need a fuse rated at approx. 2.5 amps (voltage is unimportant so long is it is higher than 125V)

However if you want to get the real thing, then goto either:

www.rscomponents.com or


Both companies offer an international mail order service and stock the correct component (called a picoFuse, I think).
I would think that a 1 amp fuse would pop as soon as you turned the CD on (the supply is rated at 1.2 amps...)

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Check out this link, this guy has pictures and all.


Click on the "Fixing / Diagnosing Problems with your Sega System"

Then click "Fixing the internal fuse of a SMS 2, MD 2, Mega CD and others"

Has the fuse ratings and everything.