I NEED help big time

the fucker got me....before i read of it, i ran windows update....started updateing windows then the bitch hit... restarted my computer and now i can't get into my XP home install...

the loading windows XP home eddition screen comes on and then it just restarts my computer in a never ending loop...if anyone knows how to fix this and restore my windows without me losing my files please help! PLEASE

i've installed windows XP PRO on the same computer and that's what i'm useing now, but i can't access the folders from the XP home install, if anyone knows a way around this please let me know....

when i'm on the XP PRO install i can see the folder that has all my stuff in it, but i can't access it, as "access is denied" for i am not logged onto the username of my XP home install, if anyone knows a way around that, again please let me know...

any help is appreciated...

i feel like :puke:
I'm no expert, but couldn't you just try to repair windows xp with your Windows XP Pro Setup disc? I believe there is an option on Setup that lets you try to repair it.


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If it's restarting your computer in a never ending loop, then it's probably enabled itself to auto start when your computer starts up. I think my brother got something similar to this a few months ago. I used Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel to disable that thing during startup. It was tricky. What I did was Ctrl+Alt+Del (Windows 2000 Pro, not sure about XP Pro) to either "Lock Computer" or "Log Off..." (I forgot which), then I quickly ran Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel tool to pinpoint which was the virus and unchecked it from starting up. It took a few tries, but it worked.
the virus is removed....what happened is i was installing windows service pack 1 and while it was updateing files i believe it overwrote some startup files and now it xp home will not boot.

my xp home disc is on a restore disc that came with my computer and the only option allowed is to reformat the computer and lose everything....

with my xp pro disc i tried the repair option and it failed....maybe due to it being xp pro and not the home version?? i dunno. :damn:


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Are you saying that you lost the dual boot option when your computer starts up? Maybe something happened to your boot.ini file on your first partition?
i'm saying, i can not log into windows XP home edition

...the black loading screen appears for it...then when the blue "welcome" login screen should appear, my computer just reboots.

so i can not access any of the data in my user accounts on the windows XP home install

if it helps at all i can get into the windows folder, for the xp home install, so i could replace files in there if it would correct something...
Or you could always try booting in safe mode (press the F8 key). That pretty much disables anything that loads at boot time like this thing probably does. Then you just get into your system disable the fucker from within and viola.

Or at least that's how the theory goes.


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If you manage to get the system going in Safe Mode...

Originally posted by Symantec Security Response

1. Click Start, and then click Run. (The Run dialog box appears.)

2. Type regedit

Then click OK. (The Registry Editor opens.)

3. Navigate to the key:


4. In the right pane, delete the value:

"windows auto update"="msblast.exe"

5. Exit the Registry Editor.

Symantec Security Response rules. :D

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Yea this shit hit me today too... I kept trying to install the windows patch and I would get so close and then it would countdown giving me 1 minute and then restarting.

I finally got it and disconnected the plug from my internet to give more time since its coming from the connection.

Damn RCP Virus :flamethrower: :damn:


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If you have a home computer connected to the Internet you should have a firewall installed. The easiest fix for this problem is to block the RPC ports, no-one should really have any business doing RPC calls to your machine anyway.
The RCP virus hit me today too. But I downloaded a whole bunch of patches and system updates and now my computer works fine. The internet even runs faster now for me!
Yeah I got it too... Realised I had virus when I saw msblast.exe running..

Killed it, deleted it from system, it gave me like 5mins to goto Norton's site and find the fix... Deleted reg key, installed, and woot. The fuckers dead. :)
I can't log into safe mode....

and it's not due to the virus directly...when i was updateing windows with service pack 1 my computer restarted while it was installing/updateing with new files, now windows doesn't start...

doesn't start through safe mode, debug mode, regular boot.
If it helps at all, when i attempt to run windows in safe mode it starts listing all the files it's loading and it gets to Windows\System32\DRIVERS\Mup.sys then just hangs for a bit goes to a black screen like it's about to load something then the computer restarts...

is there anyway to replace the files in my windows\system32 folder??
there are no viruses on my machine all the viruses have been erased, some file when windows starts up is either gone or corrupted...
well problem may be part-way-solved, i just found an article on microsoft's website on how to take ownership of other user's files as long as your are loged onto an admin acount....

so since i installed XP PRO on the same drive as XP Home, i loged into admin on XP PRO, then did what the article said and now i can access the files that were on my xp home install

:lol: :lol: :) :)

so i'm very happy about that, 21.3 GB of data was almost lost....now i'm just going to back up the data and reformat my HD...

if anyone wants to read the article here is the link


very useful..
I just realized this but, even if you download the updates for windows the virus is still on your computer and still has to be deleted.


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Originally posted by SAG26@Aug 12, 2003 @ 11:01 PM

I just realized this but, even if you download the updates for windows the virus is still on your computer and still has to be deleted.

the patch is supposed to PREVENT it.

if you aleady have it you need a removal tool (available from Symantec), but you need the patch to prevent it from coming back